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Flying Pigeon NZ Ltd

Messengers of Change

Change is something we are often uncomfortable with but it is a necessary and rewarding discomfort. It maybe the change of a new job,  a new process, a new country or a new business. All these changes can bring about discomfort and even fear to the extent that we stop the change and go back to the "old" way. What would our world be like if people hadn't embraced change?

At FPNZ we want to help you to embrace the changes into your business, job or new country.

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What we do.

At Flying Pigeon NZ we work with you to build a better, stronger business through business processes, training and personal development.

We believe that businesses have many strands that need to be regularly tested, developed and updated to insure business strength, growth and success. Education is knowledge, knowledge is growth, growth is progress.

Let us take the fear out of change by working alongside your business through targeted training, H&S management and business mentoring.


What we do:

Simplifying processes 


Constructsafe testing

H&S Management plans and policies

H&S Reporting through use of modern technology

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